Thinkin outside of the {hat} box!

Hi all! Popping in today to show you one of my newly finished yard sale finds. I accumulated this pile you see in the photo below about a month ago at a huge community yard sale. I posted the dresser transformation the other day and today I'll be showing you what I did with those hat boxes, (well, there's just one visible in the picture, but there are two more inside of it)!

I turned the smaller two, that previously looked like this,

...into one of a kind toys for my little ones!

Just listening to my kids play in their toy kitchen inspired me to make this decadent cake. They've been pretending non-stop to bake cakes! Crossing my fingers that I didn't miss the cake-train and that this delicious looking fake will still be enjoyed!

He's had the helicopter, but no landing pad. Now Colin's chopper can really get to business!

Aside from whimsical and stack-able storage, hat boxes make great toys, too!

Thank you for reading!


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