New product love! {Miss Mustard Seed milk paint}

This came for me in the mail recently

I felt like an 8yr old version of myself on Christmas morning!

Anyways, if you've been following this blog for a little while you may have figured out that I use a lot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to refinish furniture. This has nothing to do with discontent with the product, I just wanted to try something different. I have read and seen how milk paint flakes and chips off - a finish I adore but is impossible to achieve with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint; they're just chemically two different kinds of paint. It was time to try the chippy milk paint.

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint comes in powder form and then you mix what you need with warm water. This is something that will take some getting used to as far as consistency and quantity. The directions said to mix 1 part powder with 1.25 parts water. I started with a half cup of powder and the appropriate amount of water and found it a bit thick. This covered my tester piece, (a 60"L credenza), with one coat. My second 'batch' of paint came out a bit thin. I'll have to play with it some more, but ultimately, it achieved exactly the look I was hoping for. As I learn more about how to work with it, I will definitely share!

{While waiting for the first coat to dry, this started happening. It was thrilling! I think part of the lure of milk paint is how unpredictable it is. It peeled heavily in some areas, not at all in others.}

I'm beyond pleased with the product. Miss Mustard Seed milk paint comes in a variety of colors and neutrals, similar to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I intend to use both products now as I discern which pieces will look better with which finish.

{Credenza painted in 'Grainsack}


Thank you for reading!


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