One A Week {Crepe flowers wreath}

Hi guys! Last week for my One A Week series, I shared a tutorial on how to make this pom-pom wreath, (a knock off of Anthropologie's Fluffed Wool Wreath). Today I've got another wreath - this one made from crepe paper!

-1 hay frame from Michaels, (keep it wrapped in plastic or you'll have a hay mess on your hands) $3.49
-1 pack of ball-tipped pins, (I bought a 100pk and used about half) $3 something
-1 roll of crepe paper from the dollar store $1

Step 1: Gather your crepe paper in little pleats until you've created a little 'flower', coming all the way around back to the beginning. Tear the crepe paper off and fold the flap to the middle

 Step 2: Stick a pin through the middle and pin it straight into the wreath frame

Now hang it however you'd like! I used a teal grosgrain ribbon.

This style would also be beautiful using white or cream crepe paper and gold ball-tipped pins!

Thank you for reading! And don't forget to email me pictures if you try any of these One A Week projects. I've already seen a few of your amazing pom-pom wreaths; well done and thanks for sharing!! At the end of the series I might just do a whole post of photos of your handiwork, so send em' in!


This post was originally featured under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.