It's the little things {My favorite detail in our living room!}

Hey guys! I know you are probably sick and tired of seeing posts on our living room at this point in the week, (full photo post of the transformation here in case you missed it), but this one is my favorite! There's a small detail in the living room that I doubt anyone has noticed from the photos, but it's a detail that makes all the difference to me as I live in and around the space.

See it?

Probably not! I barely can unless I'm looking right at it.
Look closely at the bottom edge around the chairs.

Pom-pom trim!

I just can't seem to leave well enough alone sometimes. And there have absolutely been times when I've realized that and undone something I've done. But this time it was an added touch that really feels good and right.

Here are the chairs before, (IKEA Ektorp Jennylund chairs)

There was nothing at all wrong with these chairs before. Nothing. But being as our main floor is a big open floor plan with the living room and dining room spilling into one another, the backs of these chairs are staring you in the face when you're at the dining table. And since these two armchairs are mostly floating off of the carpet, I wanted to add something a little interesting to them.

I found this .5" white pom-pom trim here

My first step was figuring out where I wanted to attach it - the outside of the slipcover, or the inside. I used push-pins to get a visual for how both options would look:

Inside won! I love how the little white pom-poms peek out from underneath, like another layer of the chair.

I cut about 7-9" strips of trim to make it easier to attach underneath the chair, (since I was gluing with Liquid Stitch, not sewing).

Then I made a 7-9" length of glue with my tube of Liquid Stitch, just hitting the backside edge of the slipcover.

And finally, gently lay the strip of pre-cut trim over the line of glue.

I didn't remove the slipcovers for this project. I just gently flipped the bottom edge up, one side at a time around the chair.

Finished product! 

(hello lil' dust bunny)

So like I said; it's a little thing! But to me, a totally worth it little thing.

Now those factory made Ikea slipcovers are uniquely ours!

Thank you for reading!


This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.