DIY headboard {With coffee filters!}

Ok coffee lovers, I've got a good one for ya: a DIY headboard made from dyed coffee filters! This was super easy and I love the airiness it brings to our eclectic bedroom.

To begin, you'll need at least one hook and two nails, or 3 hooks to create a triangle above your bed. I actually already have hooks screwed into my bedposts so I used those and then a wire heart hook from World Market, ($1.99). You definitely do not need bed posts for this project! You can attach your lower hooks, (or just use a nail for each side), right into the wall. Tie the ends of a length of twine to each side, looping it over your upper hook in the middle, (top of the triangle).

Now you're ready to work on your filters! First, grab as many coffee filters as you think you'll use, (I used 11), and let them sit for an hour or so in a sink or pot full of warm water that is brown with either tea or coffee, (I used a bunch of tea bags from a few teas that I don't care for...see, careful what you throw away)! **This first step, (and the one following), is definitely not necessary! You may want to keep the coffee filters white depending on the colors in your room, your style, etc. I wanted to give the filters a deeper, aged look for our headboard, so I dyed them in the tea.

Second, as you pull each one out give it a good squeeze over the sink to remove excess water and then either lay them out to dry, (I spread them out over a couple cooling racks), or hang them on cabinet knobs.

Once dry, you are ready to make your florets. Simply pinch your filter from the middle, fold a bit until you have something resembling a flower, and then pierce where you pinched with about 1.5" of floral wire.

Finally, attach your filter florets by wrapping the wire around the pre-hung twine above your bed!

Instant headboard!

Have you ever made a headboard? What did you use?

Thank you for stopping by!


This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.