Single dresser: Rustic, great physique. Looking for: Long term relationship

I finished my first piece of Spring, guys! Thank the Good Lord for some beautiful, hopeful days last week which helped pull me from my dark, winter despair. (Did anyone else just think of the Pit of Despair and that weird witch from the Princess Bride? I did. Must remember to watch that again soon). Anyways, it was awesome to work outside again. It's been too long.

And I wasn't the only one making use of our warm sunny days:

I mean, I'm a little bias, but this girl has stolen my heart.

Sharing work space with my 4 year old, (well, one of them).

Now to present our gorgeous new eligible dresser!

I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I definitely bought this dresser because of the hardware. 100%.

This is typically how I distress furniture pieces - follow the edges and corners with a medium grit sanding sponge and go back and forth until I like what I see. It looks naturally worn which adds warmth and charm.

47.5"L x 30"H x 17.75"D

This beauty is ready to find it's true love and a long term relationship. If you're smitten, (and able to pick-up in Northern Virginia), please email me at

Thanks for stopping by!


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