Adding architectural interest to a basic 'box' room

Hey guys! Last week I revealed our Spring/Summer bedroom makeover which included a handful of DIY projects I promised to come back and share. The room-refresh kicked off with this tufted bench makeover, and today I'm going to show you how easy it is to hang art with chunky 3/8" sisal rope.

Our master bedroom

Rope hung art

There is nothing architecturally interesting about our bedroom; it's a square box. Totally fine! But, I wanted to add some unexpected height on the bed side to give that wall more visual substance and make it a real focal point of the room. At first I had the art pieces sitting on the floating bedside tables. That wasn't doing anything helpful. Then I hung them a few inches above the floating tables. Still, something was missing. So, I went out to Home Depot and bought a cord of sisal rope for $5 and had a little fun!

After playing with a few different options, I decided on this criss-cross. Ready to have your mind blown? I didn't actually hang the art by the rope! I tied two pieces of sisal rope onto two hooks I hung close to our ceiling, crossed them, and anchored the bottoms with wall staples I hammered into the wall. Then I hammered a nail right in the middle of the two pieces of rope, and hung the art on the nail.


Super easy! (Fun fact: my grandma painted the 'Jars in a row' piece shown above!) There are SO many fun options for adding a little height to a room and tricking the eye to make a room appear taller. I really like how this simple criss-crossing sisal rope not only does that but also creates a bit of architectural interest in our otherwise square box room.

Tomorrow Cate will be guest posting some unique ideas for storing and displaying jewelry. I've had some sneak peeks and let me tell ya, you won't want to miss it!

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