Peek-A-Week #5 {Two-Toned Table}

Happy Memorial Day all!  We are so thankful to all those who serve, have served, and gave their lives for our country.  As a diplo-brat myself, I have had the honor of meeting a lot of wonderful service men and women in my travels.  Wherever you are serving today, I hope that you are safe and know we at Chelsea's Garage are grateful for all that you have done.

For all you readers here on the "home front," I have another sneak-peak for you!  Since the June 7th Garage Sale is also my debut, Chelsea and I thought I should do this week's peek-a-week.  

Voila!  A two-toned coffee table.

When I found this table at local thrift store, it was an outdated yellow mess.  But underneath all that scratched-up polyurethane was a beautifully intricate weave design.  So I applied my trusty Citristrip and let it do its magic.  After a couple of hours, that polyurethane flaked right up and was easy to scrape off so I could stain the natural wood.  You can see some pics of the process below.

From yellow to handsome-fellow (see what I did there ;)

I re-stained the top with a warm Colonial Maple Minwax stain and painted the trim and legs with a crisp white homemade chalk paint.  I would have used some Annie Sloan Pure White, but I was too impatient to run out and get some.  I did, on the other hand, have a generic flat white and some Plaster of Paris - the two key ingredients in a homemade chalk paint recipe I found on LiveLoveDIY.

Now the inlaid design has been restored to its natural glory.

Just a touch of distressing to revive the lines of the piece.

Anyone for a cocktail party?

I know what you're thinking... That re-finished table top looks YUMMY!

And that reminds me!  Did we mention we will have refreshments at our June 7th Chelsea's Garage Sale?  As if you needed another reason to stop by...  

FIFTH Chelsea's Garage Sale
June 7th
9am - 3pm
Contact us for the address - located in Herndon, VA

Hope to see you there!


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