UN-refinished table

Hi All! This warmer weather has had me reminiscing the days when Matt and I used to live at the beach. They were good days, indeed, but we also love where we live now near our home city, Washington D.C. Although we don't live at the beach anymore there's no reason we can't pull off a bit of beachy vibe in our home now! My interpretation of beachy is casual and laid back, use of natural elements, loads of sunlight, and snaps of happy color.

I had a beachy vision for a particular table in my living room. Funny thing is, this table was painted white already with distressed and weathered grey cabana stripes. It was super beachy! However, it's also smack in between two pieces of white seating in our living room and I wanted something to break up all the white.

I've had this table since my junior year of college when my Mom handed it down. I can't even think about the mice that likely lived inside when we had an infestation my Senior year in the M.A.C.K shack, (Hi, Margaret, Andrea, and Katherine)!

But I digress. Here is how I refinished this table the first time around: 

I used Old White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and dry-brushed stripes in Paris Grey, also by ASCP. Then I sanded everything down for a time-worn, weathered finish.


And here's my second round with this piece! I went to town with my sander, removing the paint from most of the surfaces, and then gave it a light wash with equal parts Old White and water.

My favorite part of this make'under' is the leftover bits of white paint stuck in the cracks and crevices of the table! Wasn't expecting that but it certainly adds a sweet dose of age and history. I love seeing traces of a pieces' past, in one form or another; it's why I always aim to maintain the integrity and character of any piece I'm refinishing.

The rope pull was an impromptu DIY made from leftover sisal rope I had on hand. I had to drill the hole from the previous knob a bit bigger to fit the two ends of rope inside. Once the two ends were stuck inside I tied them in a knot to keep the rope pull secure.

Doing a light wash over almost any piece will make it appear bleached and sun faded. Very beachy. I'm working on this exact type of finish with a larger piece right now, and let me tell you, all that sanding to remove the original stain is not for the faint of heart!!! Which I totally am. So I'm taking it slow. :) But I sure am excited to show you! Progress pics will be posted on Instagram if you're interested in following projects along that way.

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!!


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