A whimsical snap of color {Tissue-paper pompom tutorial}

Hi guys! Stopping by with a quick, spur of the moment tutorial today. I've been making tissue-paper pompoms for a few years now, (the first went above Mason's crib over 3 years ago), but I don't think I've ever shared a tutorial on here. Tissue-paper pompoms are such a quirky fun touch to add to a child's room, party, shower, wedding, or even the casual backyard barbecue. And why not?! There's a plethora of tissue paper colors and patterns options out there, not to mention the material itself is so inexpensive. While there are a handful of tissue-paper pompom kits available, (I know Martha Stewart has a line, as well as PaperSource), there's no need to spend the extra $ on a kit when they are SO easy to make on your own, (and this way, you won't be stuck with the limited options that the prepackaged kits have to offer).

I recently made some tissue-paper pompoms after Shire requested some touches of blue and green in her room. Since she doesn't make a lot of requests, I wanted to do my best to come through for her without spending $ on a whole room makeover. (I happened to find aqua sheets at Target on clearance for under $5, and the blue Mexican blanket was a happy purchase from P.S. I Adore You- company link here)

To secure the addition of blue and green in her room, I mixed a few blue and green tissue paper pompoms above her wardrobe. I promise, these are SUPER easy to make!

1. First you need some tissue paper. These are rather youthful, but there are some beautifully sophisticated tissue paper options out there if you want something more grown-up. 

 2. Pick which colors you want to use for one pompom and lay them out, alternating the colors.

3. Then line the pieces of tissue paper up evenly, one on top of the other.

4. Fold the tissue paper accordion style, like when you used to make paper fans as a kid. Over and under.

5. Cut your edges however you want - rounded, pointed, or whatever you come up with!

6. Secure the middle of your folded tissue paper with staples or a paper clip.

7. Pull out the folds.

8. Gently separate the layers of tissue.

And you've got yourself a tissue-paper pompom!

These pompoms are such a simple thing but they add so much visual interest!

(For more photos of Shire's room, and our home, see our full Home Tour)

As always, if you happen to try this one please send photos so I can share on here, OR you can use the hashtag #chelseasgarage  if you use Instagram!

Tomorrow I've got something extra special for you; a 'first' for Chelsea's Garage that I'm really excited to share!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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