All things thrifted {Latest finds!}

Hello dear friends! I hope it was a pleasant weekend for all of you; and to my sweet customer Emily who caught a flight out of Boston at 6:30am on Saturday morning, landed close by in Dulles at 8, picked up a rental car, drove to my house by 8:45, picked up her 4 parlor chairs that she purchased, and started the drive back home to Massachusetts by 9:15...WOW! I was praying for you throughout the day. Hope you made it back safe! (and I REALLY hope those chairs are kickin' butt in your home!!!)

Seriously, does she deserve a shout out or what!?!

Our weekend was a little different from Emily's. Here's a short recap:

Home Depot. Where everybody knows our name. (not really, but it's kind of like our Cheers)


Home Depot again. Where pretty soon they really will know our name. (the story behind these paint sticks is coming up later this week!)

And happy mail! I got my floral kimono by Kiss Me Mint at the end of last week, (a lovely company whom I had the pleasure of discovering through P.S. I Adore You). Rather than hang this pretty piece in the dark closet I decided to let it do double duty as wall art when not being worn!

And that brings us to today's topic: THRIFTING!

Thrifting has it's ups and downs, and recently I've hit a spell of luck! Through thrift store gems, a successful D.C. Flea market adventure, and Craigslist finds, I've got a handful of items to catch up on here! 

First up, this vintage mid-century modern sewing table. I NEVER thought I'd be the owner of a sewing table. In fact, my eyes light up when I see the words 'No Sew' in a tutorial. But when I saw this table on Craigslist a couple weeks ago for a steal, I loaded the kiddos up and we drove through town to pick it up. 

I'm not familiar with how sewing tables work, so I was overly delighted when I realized that not only does the top flip open, but the front is actually a door! 

Next up, we had a successful trip to the big DC Flea market at the Dulles Expo last weekend! Things got off to a great start:

Shire and I got our game faces on and met our right hand girl, Cate, and my good friend, (and treasure-hunter extraordinaire), Tobi!

Then things got interesting...

Shire pondering if four beautiful eyes are better than two.

Think this is how they took selfies back in the day?

Of course! Why wouldn't one make a toilet seat out of a summer's worth of collected seashells?!

And some things are so good to know ahead of time...

My favorite table in the entire flea market. Definitely could have taken a few stacks!

But at the end of the day, I had some pretty good prizes:

I can't wait to share where these have ended up! Stay tuned. :)

And to finish off the stash, this magnificent pair of end tables found for a client for $8 each at the thrift store! Soon to be lacquered white for her lovely living room. Can't wait to share the after!

Any thrifty finds that are rockin' your world at the moment? Please share in either a comment below, on Facebook, or use the hashtag #chelseasgarage and share on Instagram! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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