Aqua chair, yellow table, and things on deck

Hi All! I hope your week is rolling along well and you're soaking in some time outside! I can't recall a summer going by quite as quick as this one. Maybe it's because this is the first summer that will have a definitive end as our twins start school for the first time this fall! Whew. I can't let my mind go's too sad!

For us here this is one of those weeks with so many good things to share and just not enough time to share them! Here's what's up: aside from a couple new custom orders on deck, we are in the process of making a built-in home office under our basement stairs, (which, in and of itself will have a handful of super fun DIY projects to share), re-configuring the entire layout of our basement, painting an accent wall, painting more randomness, settling into our home a handful of goodies found at a flea market last weekend, and editing my waxing video tutorial, (the sequel to this video tutorial which made the tiniest plop on YouTube yesterday. Not even a kerplunk. It was a plop). ALL of this will be shared here in whichever random order things are completed. But for today, here are a couple of before & afters for ya.

First up, the chair from yesterday's tutorial video! As I mentioned in the video, this piece came from my husband's grandparent's trunk of junk on it's way to the garbage. I rescued this and a small handful of other bits and bobs that were just too good.



{Chair painted in 1 part Duck Egg mixed with 3 parts Pure White, both by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint}

And this cutie pie - a table my Mom brought over to have woken up with a new coat of Arles, (also by ASCP), for one of her guest rooms.



Nothing like a poppy color to bring a little life into a room, eh?! 

Alright! I'm off to paint and staple and glue and cut and find a time to get to the grocery store. :) Cate's on deck for tomorrow, (aren't you LOVING her Wednesday posts?! I've already tackled one of her tutorials for something special going on in the boys' room), so I'll be back on Thursday!

Thank you for stopping by!


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