Easy homemade froyo

Hi there! I don't often share recipes on here but this one is just so easy and refreshing. Enjoy!

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

1 container of plain or vanilla yogurt
2 cups of strawberries, (or fruit of choice), sliced
1 ripe banana
1/4c honey
*1tbsp vanilla only if using plain yogurt

Step 1: Pour all of your ingredients into a large ziplock bag, (I double bagged just to be safe), and seal shut. Then squish everything around to get the ingredients all mixed together.

Step 2: Stick your sealed bag of ingredients into another ziplock bag half filled with ice and salt. Seal shut.

Step 3: Squeeze bag for about 10 minutes to get froyo mixture cold and firm. Or, place in freezer and check in to squeeze throughout the day whenever you think of it. ;)

That's it! This was a really special thing to do with my 4yr old son, Colin. He loved pouring the ingredients in the bag and squishing everything around. He's not always the first to volunteer with hands-on stuff, so it was a very sweet moment together.


Thank you for stopping by! Cate will be back tomorrow with another clever Wednesday post you won't want to miss!


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