Reader Design: Angie's Cozy, Collected Family Room

Hi All! One of my favorite things about being a DIY / furniture refinishing / home design blogger is the opportunity to get to know wonderfully creative people from all over. Not long after I opened an Instagram account, I found Angie, @angies_deco_abode. Angie has a beautiful eye for design and I've found her home to be so inspiring! She's a thrifting queen - you'd NEVER imagine that her glamorous space is almost completely thrifted or clearance finds. 

Let's take a peek!

Stunning, right?! Here are some notes from Angie:

"This room is the first thing you see when you come in to my home. I wanted it to look nice and inviting. This room is used for everything. From storage for the kids toys to dads nicknacks that need to be out of the way. That hutch keeps things nice and organised. We love using this room on rainy or lazy days.Will lay on that lounger and read a book or just watch the rain out the window. Plus it also gets a lot of light so my plants love it too. All in all its a great room. Most of the things in this room were thrifted. Its nice to find things I love at a good price."

Hutch. $50
sofa/ lounger $90
Blue art frame $15
Gold table $15
White leather chair $12
Little table for planter $3
White rug/ikea $10
small side gold table $12

Thank you so much for inviting us in, Angie! Angie's beautiful room has now been added to our Spaces page. We really love any opportunity to peek inside a home. If you'd like to share any bits of your own home, please either post your pictures right to our Facebook page, or tag #stylemuttspaces on Instagram!