Colin and Shire; The Fifth Chapter

Hi friends! Today we're celebrating our twins' fifth birthday! (That's code for 'today I'm celebrating having raised these two people for five years and they seem alright to me and our pediatrician').

Since I've been writing a blog for over half of their life, it's become a small tradition of mine to write a few words every year on October 29. It's a completely self indulgent habit, so I don't blame you at all if you skip it. :) A couple years ago I laid out their entire birth story, (starting here). I saved those posts to always remember the crazy roller-coaster of a time we had leading up to their birth and the difficult, lonely month after. Today I just want to give thanks. So much thanks. These guys are no longer even toddlers, they're people. They ask, they teach, they encourage, they joke, they pray. They're comfortable with who they are and are starting to tap into the unique gifts the Lord has equipped them with. I couldn't ask for more and my heart overflows.

Our twins' birthday always brings forth a flood of memories!

The beginning was just nuts. 

Colin and Shire

Colin and Shire

For being all up in each other's business for 7.5 months, they definitely took some time getting acquainted. 

After we all got to know each other better things got weird. We realized that what we considered normal looked anything but.

Colin could. not. sit up by himself for a while. But he figured out a way.

Colin could. not. sit up by himself for a while. But he figured out a way.

Though our early days were long, my love for these two grew by the hour. As did my biceps.

Never in a million years would I have guessed I'd have boy-girl twins, (especially since I was given boy-girl twin baby dolls when I was 6, and that would just be too ironic...). But, the Lord had these little sweeties planned just for Matt and me. They're our dreams and prayers come true.

Off to party with a couple 5 year olds today. :)