Pallet Platform Bed {Tutorial}

Hi guys! Stopping in today to share an oldie but a goodie. It's a tutorial I shared on Chelsea's Garage a couple of years ago but now that we've fully transitioned into StyleMutt, there are a few tutorials I want to clean up a bit and share again - starting with this Pallet Platform bed!

Matt and I built this for Shire when we moved the boys in together and gave her her own room. It was for no particular reason - just pure fun. :) It's hard to pass up any opportunity to build something for your kids, (that doesn't come with impossible IKEA instructions)!

So here we go: This is what we started with: A scrap pallet from Home Depot that they gave us through the kindness of their hearts, (just ask, and remember to smile), 2 2x4s, 2 1x3s, and 4 medium sized caster wheels with locks, (not pictured). 

Then we built this:

The 'X' frame with the 1x3s was first. Matt used the shaved off ends of the 1x3s as needed as support 'blocks' so the pieces would all lay flush, (see below):

Top view:

Then it was time to sand and stain. I used 120 and 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out all the blistery edges and round them out. After cleaning the sawdust off, I stained using Sherwin Williams Golden Oak.

Love the rich, warm tone of this stain. It's a favorite, for sure!

Then we secured casters to the bottom four corners.

And that's that!

pallet bed08.jpg

If you've got any pallet projects you've tackled please share by posting them to our Facebook wall, or tagging #stylemuttprojects on Instagram! We love seeing all your ideas and handiwork!

Thank you all for stopping by!