Silver Chest Revealed!

So remember when I said the silver chest was probably my favorite find of these three scores?

No.1: a handsome globe & stand
No.2: a bamboo-front dresser 
No.3: an old silver chest  

Well I'm so excited that it's finally time to tell you why!  So let me ask you, what do you get when you combine a silver chest with a repurposed TV tray? 

How about an X-Base Campaign Nightstand!

 I knew I wanted to make the silver chest into a table somehow, but wasn't sure what to use for the legs.  Originally, I thought about  a  mid-century modern hairpin leg like this Etsy find or tapered leg with brass feet.  But a closer look at the deep, rich wood of the box was calling for something more... classic.

And what could be more classic than a TV tray?!
...JK.  But the $8 craigslist find was the perfect x-base leg donor.  {Leg donor - sounds Frankenstein-y right?} .  

X-Based tables can either feature cross sections on the side with one reinforcement strip in between or cross sections front and back with two reinforcement strips at the base. The TV tray already had a reinforcement strip on the lower part of the cross section, so I took the top off the TV tray so I could re-orient the legs and then cut and stained a second strip for the other side.

Source  Target

Source Target

Source  Pottery Barn

I added petite brass corners to bring out the campaign lines of the piece
and to match the little glint of gold hardware in the legs.

Look at that incredible wood grain!


Bonus alert!  There is hidden storage.  Lift up the top to find 3 cubbies perfect for your bedside journal, stationary, or maybe special jewelry you want to keep tucked away.

When I first saw this chest at the thrift store and lifted up the top, I realized it was too shallow to not have more storage somewhere.  I didn't really notice the drawer because it sat so flush and camouflaged in the wood grain.  I couldn't even figure out how to open the drawer since it didn't have a pull, but I bought it and threw it into my truck on faith that I would figure it out later.  Luckily, the bumpy ride home jostled it open and I could see how awesome the slotted silverware compartments are!

Whether you use it for earrings, jewelry, or writing utensils, the secret slotted drawer makes a great catch-all for the bedside table.


Even though the drawer placement inhibits my ability to put in a recessed campaign pull, I definitely love a piece with storage.  I actually like how clean the lines of the table front are without hardware.  And the drawer actually opens just fine if you pull it out from underneath {duh Cate}.


And c'mon how cute is that keyhole?  Any added hardware would have just stolen his thunder.

And {of course} while I'm doing this styled shoot, someone found the freshly fluffed pillows...
Can you spot him?


X-Base Campaign Table.
24"W x 18"D x 28"H
If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact