A Flipper's New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!  So as we know in this culture, January has a way of
1.  Making you feel guilty about where you are in life/ size/ relationship status and
2. Forcing you to think about where you want to go next

Well I'm not immune to these tendencies, but this year I don't want to look at myself and critique what I see or don't see.  My parent's always said that marriage would be my declaration of independence.  That's not to say they would cut me off, but that they would step aside as my primary support system and let my husband and I figure it out - finances and all.  In 2014, I married a wonderful man but we quickly had to face the ugly adult truth that being all grown up and on your own is hard.  Bills seem bigger when you're not living in a house crammed with a ton of roommates to help split the rent.  It's just the two of us in a studio apartment {three plus Thor - but cuteness don't pay the rent}.  And let me tell you, leaving and cleaving is much more dramatic when you're adjusting to one ministry salary and the other spouse only works part time.  But since 2015 has already descended and my first wedding anniversary approaches on Jan 18th, I am nothing but grateful for this past year.  I am truly thankful for Every. Last. Hardship.  

I have a board on pinterest I call "Furniture Flip Bucket List" and it is exactly that - a jumbled collection of inspiration and unorganized thoughts.  I decided that today I want to go ahead and claim a couple items on that board that I want to see myself tackle in 2015.  This is not meant to be a list of New Year's resolutions that will make me feel empty if I don't cross a single thing off my list.  This is simply meant to be my declaration of what's on my DIY radar this year. 

No.1: Build my own bakers rack or industrial cart

I have always one of these ever since I saw Chelsea's wooden backer's rack which she uses a living room bookshelf.  And then over Thanksgiving, I caught myself drooling over her mom's industrial shoe rack which she uses to display her collection of serving platters.  So after tediously noting how the metal and wood shoe rack was constructed, I started thinking what if I build my own from scratch?  You'll be the first to find out how it goes ;)

No.2: Recreate this surface effect with wood shims

Source:   The Rycotewood Furniture Centre at OCVC

Source:  The Rycotewood Furniture Centre at OCVC

Shimnoun   thin strip of material used to align parts, make them fit, or reduce wear.  

At first glance, a shim looks like a simple strip of wood or even a paint stick.  However, upon closer look it has one end slightly thicker than the other.  Although the quality of wood is not a polished as the inspiration photo, I still think it would be a cool uneven surface treatment for a two-toned mid-century modern look.


Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs for  Infarrantly Creative

Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs for Infarrantly Creative

Riv·etnoun  a short metal pin or bolt beaten out or pressed down used for holding together two plates of metal.

Guys!  Guess what?!?  I got my first riveter for Christmas!  My inspiration photo used rivets to fasten this awesome trunk table base, but really, the possibilities are endless I just need the perfect occasion to break it in.  Any ideas?

No.4: Refinish a dresser in a velvety navy with gold glam hardware

I fell in love with this photo when it popped into my pinterest feed.  The source article was advertising a newer paint product called Velvet Finishes by Kellie Smith which I would love to try one day.  However, I also believe I can get this effect without the trouble of special ordering a mysterious new paint.  We'll have to see how my hypothesis turns out...

No.5: Figure out the cheapest way to DIY a pull down chart IN COLOR

I just plum LOVE these pull-down charts.  I made my own  equestrian and architectural faux pull-down charts with big, cheap engineer prints that {alas} only come in black and white.  This year, I would like to find out the cheapest/ largest way I can DIY a pull-down chart in vivid colors. 

No.6: Un-retire my shabby chic side and do a stripped-paint dresser finish

When I first started acquiring furniture, I was all about the Shabby Chic look.  I had chipping window frames, gilded mirrors, drawers with crystal knobs, and I was obsessed with white distressed furniture.  

Last year I saw this stripped cabinet at a thrift store and was re-reminded of why I love about this look.  Unfortunately it was for display only {#$%^!} but I did not dismay - I just added it to my bucket list and hope to make it happen this year!

No.7: Turn a barstool or swivel seat into a modern accent chair

Source: West Elm

Source: West Elm

Not everyone needs a barstool, but almost everyone can find a use for an accent chair.  I would love to find a barstool or swivel chair like this inspiration photo and see if I can switch out the swivel for some tapered legs and turn it into a mid-century modern gem.  


So there you have it readers - you may hold me accountable to my list this year.  However, I am determined to have no regrets for how any of these projects turn out or if I ditch my resolve in favor of some new idea I have yet to hatch.  Mk?  Mk.  

I'll catch you on the flip side (see what I did there ;)

Got some ideas of your own you want to tackle?  Or have some advice on how I can take on these Flip List items?  Dare to share 'em with us here or on facebook or instagram!