Flip-Off Reveal!

This is a story of two friends and four identical 3-drawer chests, (one of those must-have Craigslist finds). Each friend took two and flipped them - all while keeping their plan a secret from the other!

After weeks of planning, scheming, ordering supplies, and working at all hours, the friends and their once identical pieces were reunited for their big reveal!

And the two friends were delighted by each others cleverness!

Not identical anymore! We'll be revealing the full details of each makeover in depth this week, but we couldn't believe how different we had flipped these, (aside from the fact that we happened to choose the exact same leg size)!

Naturally, we had to get in a photo shoot with our muses before sending them their separate ways once again, (Cate is using hers as nightstands, and Chelsea's have already sold).

Thank you so much for stopping by! We'll be back tomorrow and Wednesday to share the low-down on each makeover, the materials we used, and how we styled our finished product!