Gail's Custom (faux) Cowhide Stools

Hey there! Dropping by for a quick before and after of a pair of stools I recently finished up for a client! Remember this handsome pair?

Probably not. Cate and I spotted these across the street when my neighbors were having a yard sale this Summer and thought of a couple ways to reuse the seats in this post.

When a very dear client, Gail, came by to pick up another piece for her new home, she spotted these stools and did some imagining of her own! She noticed Cate's cowhide bench in our Garage Shop, and found an inspirational image of a pair of stools with cowhide seats and chrome bases.


After swapping a few ideas on fabric and style, this was my finished product for her:

The cheapest option for finding round wooden discs to use as seats ended up being a pair of basic run-of-the-mill pine stools from Walmart and removing the seats. After attaching them to the metal stool bases I covered the wooden seats with 2" foam, batting, and finally, the fabric, (found at Fabric Bravo). They're quite comfortable, especially for doing sophisticated things like cleaning your eye glasses. ;)

I don't have a bar or island in my own home so it sure was fun to create this pair of beauties for someone who can use them!

Thank you for stopping by! Now go be your awesome self.