DIY Ceiling Fan Upgrade

Hi All! Does this happen to anyone else: You see an idea that is so insanely easy that you just can't waste a second to try it yourself? This was me right after this post featuring Jen's bedroom and foyer Reader Design. She solved a simple issue in her bedroom which I'd been scratching my head about with our own.

The dated ceiling fan light fixture! I see so many gorgeous room makeovers where the ceiling fan is replaced by a stunning chandelier or pendant, but getting rid of our fan was not a suitable option for us. We may have still been getting snow into the middle of March, but Virginia summers are brutally humid with long stretches over 100 degrees. So, what to do about those intrusive tri-light foggy glass shades that no-one invited to the party?

How about add a drum shade!

I've been wanting to add a drum shade to this fan for quite some time, but it was one of those ideas that just wasn't at the top of my priority list as I figured it would require a decent chunk of time. Boy, was I wrong! I happened to click over to Jen's drum shade tutorial, and when I discovered this project would take me a quarter the amount of time it takes me to get all three of my kids out the door in the winter time, I didn't waste a second giving it a go!

The pictures below show what you'll be working with. See that screw cover which the pull chain is hanging from? That's the secret key! Start by unscrewing that, (and remove the foggy glass light shades).

Now, this is where my experience with this upgrade differs from Jen's. The center of her drum shade fit perfectly around the nipple, and she was able to then just reattach the cover from under the drum shade to keep the shade in place. Unfortunately, the center of my drum shade was much thicker than the nipple and there was nothing exposed to thread the cover onto. This was the quick fix:

Purchase a nipple and coupling from the hardware store, (the best option I found was a multi-pack of different sized nipples and it was only a few bucks). In the picture below, the coupling is on top, and the nipple is below, (for anyone who hasn't worked with these materials before).

fan light1.jpg

Screw the coupling onto the nipple emerging from the fan.

fan light2.jpg

Then screw one of your purchased nipples into the coupling. The size shown below ended up being too long so I used the next size down in my pack.

fan light3.jpg

Then lift your drum shade up and into the center of the nipple, and hold in place with an appropriately sized washer. I ended up adding a second nipple underneath just because I had an extra one in the pack I had, but a washer on its own will do the trick.

fan light4.jpg

Don't you just love when the ratio of time put into a project vs it's impact is like 1:4312343!?


Easy-peasy! Oh! And just FYI - I used a DIY paint stick lampshade for this project.

Thank you all for stopping by!