Sleek, glam desk || Before+After

Hi friends! Quick rhetorical question for ya: Would you bring this desk home with you from a thrift store?

It certainly wasn't much to look at when I saw it a month or so ago. In fact, I passed it by twice before removing all the junk stacked on top to take a closer look. And let me tell you, the closer look did NOT help! Peeling contact paper on the drawer fronts, unattached corners of veneer, and what appeared to be a coded treasure map etched into the top surface. So, I took all of this and weighed it against the one pro - the shape! I thought, if I can do something, anything to help this desk, it could be da bomb diggity!

So I painted it glossy white and sprayed the handles gold. Done and done.

It's not every day that a simple coat of white paint impresses me this much, but if there were ever a piece to paint white and be DONE with it, this was the piece! I used Glidden's Trim, Door, Furniture paint in Bright White. I've shared this paint before with this custom three-piece set, but let's just say it again: If you want a high gloss finish that's as easy to achieve as the no-prep chalk paint, THIS is your paint. It's thick as molasses, and adheres to anything. I didn't do any prep on this piece other than cleaning it up a bit, (and I did use strong wood glue to reattach the veneer and peeled off the loose contact paper). But with a paint this thick, it's going to hold everything together anyways. 

When dry, the surface settles to a smooth, glassy finish that is reflective and durable as anything I've seen. I've banged pieces covered in this paint and not a single thing happens. The paint won't chip, peel, or get a single ding.

This piece is now available for sale to the DC metro area
46.5"W x 28.5"H x 23.5"D
Contact if interested!

Check back tomorrow for you know what! ;) Thank you all for stopping by!

Celebrating this one turning 4 today! Happy Birthday to our Mason! You are larger than life and it's a pleasure to be your Momma.