A Brand Spankin' New Pillow Source, (and she's 13!)

I feel like this is HUGE news! I mean, I get excited whenever Cate and I find a new source to share, (even if it's only new to us), but this one I know well, love dearly, and is an actual fresh new source for all your pillow needs!

She's thirteen years old, sweet as a bug, has mad sewing skills, and is officially open for business.




Meet Katie, ya'll.

Oh, and she is a part-time furniture model. Hah! Seriously though, how cute is she, (and how AMAZING is this piece she and her folks just found to use as a media center)!?!

No sooner had Katie started teaching herself how to sew when beautiful, well constructed items were flying out of her sewing machine. A free spirited chica with a passion for fashion and interior design, Katie has the skills to match her dreams in the creative business industry. And she likes my kids, so she's the complete package in my book. ;)

When I, (who knows nothing about sewing except for an uneven hand stitch), humbly asked Katie if she'd mind making us some pillows for the Spring and Summer seasons, I was giddy when she agreed! I found my fabric in the same day and let me tell ya, she did not disappoint - she completely outfitted our entire Living Room!

These are the two fabrics I chose:


And the magic that Katie turned them into:

This JoAnns black and white tribal print, (paired with soft pink linen pillows from H&M), was intended for Spring and Summer pillows, but there is no way I'll be putting these beauties away once next Fall and Winter roll around, that's for sure!

This funky multicolored fabric just sings in our light and airy living room! The peachy pink, mint green, and camel brown were borderline too perfect with the colors I wanted to nod at over these next few seasons, but it was too fun to pass up. And I couldn't say no to the triangle pattern!

And with the leftover fabric, Katie even made her biggest-littlest fan a pillow just her size!

So here's the deal; Katie is open for business to StyleMutt Home readers! If you are interested in finding your own fabric and having her work her magic, please contact me at chelsea@stylemutthome.com and I'll forward any orders on to her! All her pillows are constructed with envelope enclosures that make it easy to slide your pillow form inside. And, between you and me, I happen to know that Katie is trying to save up some money so she can join a missions trip to Guatemala this summer. Need I say more? Let's help a girl out and get some awesome pillows in return!

Thank you so much Katie for sharing your amazing skills with us! 

And thank you friends for stopping by!