A Pair of Bar Stools, A Pair of Options

I know, I know.  It's Friday and this isn't a #stylemuttspaces Reader Design post.  But that's because Chelsea and I are working on a joint furniture venture and we need your help.  Last summer while we were prepping for our first joint sale, some of Chelsea's neighbors decided to get in on the fun and set up their own MONDO sale across the street.

There we spotted a pair of camel leather bar stools and our wheels started turning...   It was those stools, in fact, that were the inspiration for the "turn a barstool or swivel seat into a modern accent chair" item on my furniture flip bucket list.


But we were busy manning our own sale that when we finally went across the street all ready to buy, they had tragically closed up shop.  But LO and BEHOLD, a year goes by and the same family drags out their surplus for their second annual sale and guess who makes a reappearance...

These Guys

||You handsome devils||

Huzzah!  So naturally we snapped them up this time around - after all second chances don't come by that often.  Now that these bad boys were finally ours, Chelsea and I started scheming on a joint project.  Upon closer inspection we realized they were a little too petite for our original ideas.

Then we had the idea to combining their forces and make them into a single bench.  Playing off their mid century lines, we though of making them into a retro-esque telephone table.  But this left us with two options:

Keep Back Rests

Go Backless

So this is where you come in.  Chelsea and I LOVE reader input and we want to know what you think.  We've put together some renderings to help you picture both options in a digital room.  We're not sure if our idea(s) are even feasible yet, but we'd love to get your raw thoughts on the direction we're going in!

So what do you think, are you feelin' our vintage vibes?  Would you vote #teambackrest, #teambackless, or in a completely different direction?  Let us know in the comments below mis amis! 

Joint Signature.png