The Finishing Touches

I have a question for the universe: why is it that the finishing touches for a room are always the hardest to find? I find that I'm so quick to buy the basic, big-ticket items. But what about the things that really pull everything together? 

If you're keeping track on Instagram, I'm 90% through a bedroom refresh. Have I only been living in my apartment for five months? Yes... but, I was living in a space that didn't feel like me. Most of the items were donations from my parents. Of course, I'm keeping that ones that mean something real to me - the pieces I look at and am reminded of either a memory, or a person, or an example of an awesome marriage and life. But, it was time to really make my very first solo apartment mine. You can see what is used to look like here

Ignore the grainy photos for now. I promise a full reveal soon! BECAUSE... drum roll. I have found the final two pieces that I needed to complete this space, thanks to Now, I'm willing to bet if you all are anything like me, you guys can search for hours for the right items at good prices. I find those awesome sentimental, handmade, or thrifted pieces first. 

Then, I used to source the rest - on sale!! 

Their awesome "Find Local Sales" tool hooked me up with deals in the Washington, D.C. area. And what did I find?? 


Here is the space. Almost there, right? Can you guys guess what the finishing touches are? 
You'll have it wait to find out, but until then, check out for your own finishing touches or complete projects!