A Little Holiday 'Treat Yo Self'

If you're anything like me, you used the weekend after Thanksgiving to finish all your Christmas shopping - and I mean ALL. Of course, I'm in this wonderful phase where I only have a small nuclear family to purchase for... so someday, I'm sure my tendency for immediacy will be forced into remission. 

But after all was done, I realized something. I'd failed to get myself a little sumthin' sumthin'. What's holiday shopping without treating yourself? 

Now, most of you know my home decor story. I'm still in a solo 500 square foot basement apartment in DC, and I know I'll be moving for the fifth time in four years in the Summer. What!?!?


This is the current look. I can only imagine how it will keep changing! 
Even though I know I'll be out of here in a couple of short months, that doesn't stop me from constantly adding to / refining / changing the space. One of my favorite sources for affordable and versatile decor right now is Target. Does anyone else agree that this year is the best Target has had to offer in yearrrrrrssss!?

My favorite piece recently is this Target mirror. You've probably seen it everywhere on the Internet & social media. It lies so perfectly flat and the brass finish looks good with every decor type - which is so important to style mutts!  I added a little garland using an over-the-shower towel hook to hold it in place, just for a little festivity. 

Now, time to find something else fun to add! A little Christmas gift to myself. Anyone else planning to treat themselves with some new goods during this holiday season? What do you have your eyes on? 

Use this link and get 20% off your Home Decor order from Target from 12/4 to 12/10. Looking for more inspiration? Try this
Happy shopping, Mutts! 

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