DIY Succulent Pumpkins


With a sweet nip in the air these past few mornings Fall really does feel right around the corner. With one week until it's calendar official I thought I'd stop by to share a really easy little DIY for anyone interested in adding just a touch of Fall without making a big fuss. I don't change my decor between seasons anymore, (except for Christmas time), but including a whisper of every season isn't so hard to do!


Every year at this time I just love seeing the pumpkins and gourds coming out, but I really never know what to do with them! They ultimately seem to look awkward in my home no matter what I try. So this year I thought I'd try to incorporate a few pumpkins in a way that slips right in with my style.

Succulent Pumpkin Supplies:
-Faux white pumpkins, (found at AC Moore or Michaels)
-Moss, (also found at AC Moore or Michaels)
-Real succulents, small-medium in size


1. Using a box cutter or sharp craft knife, carve a circle around the top of your pumpkin and remove. Then dig out a hole inside large enough for the planter, (these are styrofoam pumpkins and were filled with little white styrofoam balls, so I used a small planting shovel to scoop out a space large enough)


2. Once you've carved a hole large enough, place the plant inside trying to press the planter as far in as you can so it's flush with the pumpkin.


3. Use a hot glue gun to add the moss


That's it! Aren't they darling?!


I currently have one of these at the center of our dining table, one on a coffee table, and the third...well that one will make a wonderful gift!

Thank you all for stopping by!