A Chair to Keep and a Chair for Sale

Hi Friends! Jumping on to share a couple chair flips I had the opportunity to finish uplast week - the first being the beautiful mid-century chair from this post! I let my emotions get the best of me and ended up just recovering it in the end. I was really smitten with this piece and as Matt and I are in the middle of re-designing our living room to include a much larger work space, I wanted to hold onto this chair to use at the new desk area.

I used fabric from a large sofa pillow my sweet friend Shelly and her daughter Katie made a couple years ago. We no longer use the pillow on that sofa but the gray chambray fabric was still in great shape and a pretty compliment to the warm wood of the chair.

The centered inside-out seam was just a fun off-beat detail that doesn't take away from the classic look of the chair, you know, just for fun.

When I came across this next chair for less than $5 at the thrift store I scooped it up just to play around with. On a whim, I snagged a ball of yarn on sale at Michaels and this beautiful blue and white 'marbled' pattern fabric. Then the fun began!

After unscrewing the backrest from the chair, I used every inch of the yarn to wrap around the two wooden braces to create a new textured backrest - and it's SO comfortable!

A blue and white combo is classic but this pattern feels fresh and fun - I love finding ways to marry the two! There's always an opportunity to maintain the integrity of a piece while tweaking it just enough to make it modern. Finding that balance is my goal with just about every piece!

Wooden Accent Chair
Contact me at chelsea@stylemutthome.com if interested in this cutie or a custom order like it!
(Imagine this beautiful backrest around an entire dining table!)

Thank you so much for stopping by today!