Reader Design: Diane's Intuitive Home

It's clear when you peek into Diane's home that she really went with her gut. Diane shares her PNW home with her boyfriend, and its laid back vibe and simplicity make it the perfect place to unwind. No item necessarily comes from the same family - some are boho, some traditional, and some minimalist - but every piece works together to create "home."

I’m a firm believer that if a product speaks to you, it will work with your aesthetic because it will be among other items you love and are drawn to. Letting my intuition steer my decisions helps create a space that evokes who I am without adhering too much to trends.

This often requires patience. Diane is rightfully focused on carefully and intentionally creating a home not just for herself but also for the other very important person who lives there. After all, a home is meant to be representative of all who live in it. 

Take the living room for instance.

The print is a film photo my boyfriend took during a vacation to Europe - the space above our couch was bare until a few weeks ago because we were waiting for the perfect piece, and I’m glad we prevailed. It was meant to be.

Another example in the value of patience? Diane's perfectly on-trend dining chairs. 

They have been my best Goodwill score to date; I got all four for $20, and they just needed a little polish on the chrome. The wood has a perfect weather to it and the cane is still in tact.

At the end of the day, Diane is focused on one thing. 

It’s as simple as coming home to a space you enjoy and want to spend time in. I feel much more at peace when I’m surrounded by beautiful things I love. You have to appreciate the journey knowing the effort you’ve put into curating your home, even though I always feel it’s a work in progress (as I’m sure many others do as well! We are ever-evolving as human beings).

Diane, you keep doing you! For more, follow Diane along on Instagram @dklawrence.

Enjoy your Thanksgivings next week, mutts, and we'll see you back with more Reader Designs in December.

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