Reader Design: Janie's Timeless Traditional

Janie was ready to trade up from the small rental she shared with her boyfriend plus a roommate in Los Angeles, California. First on the list, for Janie and so many of us city-dwellers, was space. Space to spread out, space to be. 


From Janie:

My style is dictated by creating a beautiful space that is our haven from all that life throws at us. This meant our home had to feel clean and fresh while balancing form and function. Our home is not a “McMansion,” but it definitely is a huge step up. So the above philosophy made it easy for me to find my style rather than falling for trends since we really had to take into consideration the space available.

Then, Janie made use of those clean, minimal lines this 1950's traditional has to offer to the best of her ability.
She considered the light during their airy renovation:

As much as I would love to have dark forest green cabinets in the kitchen, it just wouldn’t make sense since our goal is to open up the kitchen and make it bright to make the space feel bigger.

She considered the needs of her family: 

And as much as I love the look of having poufs on our living room floor, it just won’t work for us with our dog. She’s a Pomeranian, meaning lots of shedding!

And then, it was time to focus on style. The design is timeless and traditional just like her home but still packs a punch by incorporating some "on trend" elements - namely, indigo and brass.  

One design trend I absolutely love is the use of brass in homes. I had to make sure not to go overboard with it because originally I wanted to use brass fixtures in the bathroom and bedroom but eventually I let our bedroom take the spotlight. It’s all about taking trends in moderation.

This home is intentionally simple - and makes for a perfect landing place to recuperate and relax in between Janie's avid traveling. Thank you, Janie, for letting us in! 

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See you next week!