My Bold Hues ||Week 2||

Man alive!  It has been a real treat to peruse the #MyBoldHues feed on Instagram and drink in all the color-filled DIY and décor goodness.  My co-hosts  Blue I StyleCopper Dot Interiors, Domicile37Mila Jest CafePMQ for Two, Semigloss Design, and I started this hashtag to celebrate our common love of ALL. THE. COLORS.  Each month, it is our privilege to share some of our favorite on our blogs and this month's roundup is a doozy.

Pati @patirobins has made me fall in love with black walls.  Seriously.  I've never realized just how much colors can POP against the dark void of color.  All of the photos on her feed are moody and fun and totally worth a follow.

Fun fact.  I love CHARTREUSE.  And Nikki's @collectedhome green walls are singin' my SONG ya'll!  It's split-pea nature is the perfect nod to her retro "mod pod" as she calls it and the perfect background to the graphic artwork.

Maggie's @maggieoverbystudios eye for style has always blown me away.  And this mantle is no exception.  I can't decide what I like most about this mantle: the art, the paint job, or THOSE CANDLESTICKS.  Ok.  It might be the candlesticks...

And I can't help but end on Mary's @thisthriftedabode styled peg rack.  A soft color pallet can still be bold people!  And these muted colors against the white wall read so calming with a generous helping of cheery.

Thank you all for sharing your colorful slice of home with us.  Please keep tagging your pics to be included in next month's feature and don't forget to check out my co-hosts for their features:
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