Reader Design: Kaitlin's Chi-Town Nest

Today, we're off to one of the only cities in the country that is actually being seasonally authentic. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a four season person - and I'd like for things to stay that way! 

Kaitlin is a new mom and design and lifestyle blogger and editor living in Chicago, Illinois who has used all those learnings from her day job to create the most perfect space for her family. 

And with so many influences, it's no wonder that Kaitlin is a style mutt to her core. She incorporates mid century, traditional, modern, and bohemian styles effortlessly in a way that still feels cohesive. Sometimes all those varying styles can breed some insecurity, but Kaitlin totally owns it. 

I’d call my style ‘modern vintage.’ I love clean-lined modern pieces, but I also love antiques, quirky art, and thrifted finds. I try and mix it all together in a way that works. I live in a city where you can literally find a mix of anything and everything, and I think my style is a reflection of that. A lot of the things in my house have come from fellow Chicagoans via Craigslist and local vintage stores.

That quirkiness still leaves plenty of room for mixing in both those items that you will never, under any circumstances, part with and items that are trendy, even just for a short period of time. 

Kaitlin was lucky and found pieces that met both requirements - totally on trend, but also totally perfect for the space and quite timeless. 

The leather chairs in the living room are from West Elm. I wanted them for about 6 months before I actually committed and bought them, because they’re in a chestnut leather color that happens to be trending, and I wasn’t sure if they would look dated in a few years. I couldn’t find anything else I liked better, though, so eventually I just caved and bought them.

Of course, though, trendy items don't have to be a splurge, which Kaitlin knows well as a design writer and new mom to her adorable son.

I write about home decor for a living, so I’m always aware of the latest trends, but I don’t let them dictate my style, because I also know how fleeting they can be. But I’m also not immune to trends, either! Generally, I make sure that most of the big-ticket furniture I buy is more timeless, and then I incorporate trends through inexpensive things like textiles, DIY projects, or swapping out the wall art in my frames.

In the nursery, those trends come alive with the Scandinavian rocking chair (good taste, Kaitlin - I have the same one!), the luxurious fur rug, and the Graham & Brown wallpaper

Kaitlin, what a dream to not only write about beautiful design for a living but to LIVE IT every day with your family. Thanks for showing us around! 

Follow Kaitlin along on Instagram @kaitmadden or her site. 

And now for me? I'm headed off to a weekend in Florida with my girlfriends. See you all next week, and cross fingers that I don't come back with a sunburn.