Reader Design: Shelley's Stunning Space

Today, we're heading off to the West Coast. Specifically, the Pacific Northwest. I'm particularly excited about this one as it just so happens that my boyfriend & I will be new PNW residents starting this Summer - in Seattle! Big news... 

But, this is not about me. It's about Shelley, and her stunning La Grande, Oregon home that she shares with her husband, Ian. 

Her home is a perfect blend of neutral elements, metallics, textiles, and just enough color to keep things interesting. 

My style is definitely a mix of mid-century/Scandinavian/bohemian. It took a long time to find my style and it has definitely evolved over the years. I grew up in Los Angeles and always loved the mid-century home designs. I love the simplicity of clean lines, but also love color.

Another element that is clearly a 'must have' for Shelley is greenery. She absolutely nails that interior green thumb, and plants of all kinds - including a StyleMutt favorite: the snake plant - can be spotted all over her home. 

Another 'must have?' 

When we purchased our house, a ‘must-have’ was a formal dining room. I love hosting dinners and holiday events at out house.

Another lovely element in Shelley's home is the perfectly-styled bedrooms. As someone currently living in a cramped basement city apartment in DC, I am totally envious of the extra room. Her master is #goals to me. I have similar pieces - the black mid-century modern lamps, the classic white bedding, and the indigo pillow - and she brings those elements together perfectly. 

And then, there's the most precious room of all. 

In our nursery, I love the dresser and the plant corner. I am a big sucker for West Elm dressers. I am always willing to splurge on rugs. I think they can really make or break a room design and can completely change the feel of the room.

Shelley, you better believe I'll be channeling you once we have our new Seattle pad to decorate. Thank you for the inspiration! 

Follow Shelley along on Instagram @the_tattams, or to check out her stellar wedding photographer go here