Reader Design: Keila's Warm & Welcoming Home

Summer is coming to an end, but it practically always feels like summer in Keila's bright, warm, and welcoming Florida home.  This home is primed and ready for family bonding, snuggles, and relaxation, taking cues from the warming waters and bright flowers of the Caribbean. Come on in! 

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From Keila: 

It’s easy to get caught up in having the fancier first impression, but if your guests feel awkward when they arrive, it defeats the purpose of home. We have blankets in every room and closet, and we lay pillows on the floor, mostly when we play cards. You can basically snuggle up anywhere. You can’t beat that sensation. With our love for blue, we balance it all out by adding texture.

The result is everything what you want in a loved family home. It's calm and happy, with a healthy dose of coziness.  Keila's big splurge was one of both form and function. 

A big, comfy couch! A high quality sofa is worth every penny, especially when you live on it, like us! Our home is open concept, so we chose one that had style, it’s the first thing you’d see walking in. Comfort was key considering we only have one sitting area with television. We spent a bit more than we budgeted for on this one. Truly, I would do it all over again.

This precious office space is this momma's escape, and it features a trend Keila wasn't so sure about to being with: the gallery wall. We've all seen them; some are perfectly coordinated, some lovingly mismatched, some big, some small. Despite her uncertainty, Keila took this space - a small area that wouldn't require a lot of elements to look "done" - and went for it. Perhaps to the detriment of her drywall... but oh well! 

The scary part (for me, anyway) was knowing one single item could throw the entire look off and look busy. I think what helped me pull it off was selecting a wall that wouldn’t need an excessive amount of items to look put together. My office nook is tiny, making it fun to select the items. I always recommend laying all of the items on the floor before anything else. Just something I learned the hard way. Don’t tell my husband I said that.

Back in the bedroom, we get those blue elements again and a heavy emphasis on textiles. Those pillows and tassels make this bed one awesome place to lay your head. As do those elephant guardians, which represent Keila's favorite animal and her lucky number - 3! 


Remember that Caribbean inspiration I mentioned? If you haven't felt it yet, there's no way you'll miss it in Keila's backyard. This oasis is going to be permanently imprinted in my mind as we brace for colder months ahead. There's a peace and serenity here that's clear even from a photograph.

I love that laid back feeling of relaxation I get any time we visit the islands and try and incorporate it throughout. It transitioned to our back yard, thats our little tropical garden.

Keila, thank you so much for the tour today. I'm sure we're all now just daydreaming about finishing out our summers in this space. 

See you next week, mutts. Don't get too envious, now! And follow Keila along on Instagram @kberno3 for more. 

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