Reader Design: Emily's Curated Creation

There's something about Emily, the focus of today's reader design spotlight, that makes me think we should be friends. Sure, there's the practical "we both live in Seattle" part. But, we also chose bright turquoise couches as the focal point of our living rooms. I mean, that has to mean something, right?!


I saw Emily's home pop up on Instagram a few months ago and was immediately in awe. It is quite modern but still cozy, neutral while being bright and deep. 

My design style incorporates a bit of everything, I typically describe it as eclectic modern. I love modern elements, but I also incorporated traditional, art deco, bohemian, and plenty of vintage pieces to give it a curated feel. It takes a lot more time, but gives a space so much more personality. This “design philosophy” is the reason I named my business Cohesively Curated.

It's got a cool but classic London vibe. As Emily describes - 

The city of London above all else is very classic, but it also has so many modern gems and up and coming trends to discover.

It's a perfect fit for a similarly rainy, gray, but oh-so-cozy and interesting place like Seattle; I like to think Seattle & London are sister cities. Does anyone else buy that? 


With a focus on classic and modern looks, Emily has carefully selected every piece inside this home, filling it up to the brim with pottery, textiles, and art. She grounds herself in things that hearken back to her design philosophy and uses that as her foundation for making decisions. 

I think it is challenging with social media, Pinterest, blogs, etc. to not let yourself be swayed by other designers styles. Taking something as inspiration and figuring out how to integrate it with your own aesthetic can be a bit tricky. The trend I struggled with most is the boho trend and not going overboard, because that really isn’t my primary style. I included some vintage textiles and rugs that fall into that category but made sure to integrate them with my core aesthetic.

This home has to be one of my favorites yet, and I encourage you all to follow Emily along on Instagram @cohesivelycurated for more! We really just scratched the surface. 

Happy Fall, y'all! 

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