Alternatives to The Great Vintage Rug Tree Skirt

If I wasn’t already acutely aware of Chritmas’ fast approach, the recent emails and messages would have clued me in! This time of year I get a surge of messages about the Christmas tree skirt I cut out from a vintage rug two years ago. The story goes that I found a gorgeous but damaged 11x13 vintage rug on Craigslist for $30. Due to the damage it was unusable as a rug, (someone had literally cut the poor baby right down the middle and then DUCT TAPED it back together. You can’t make this stuff up, people.) So I took advantage of two perfectly good halves of a rug and created 6 full size Christmas tree skirts out of it! I kept one, gave one away, and sold the remaining 4. When they were gone they were gone. Done. It was a fun project that made me happy but not something I wanted a career in LOL! Turns out cutting through rug ain’t for sissies!

Christmas, 2016


Nevertheless, word about these rug tree skirts spread and unfortunately I think there’s been a misunderstanding that there won’t be new stock coming back. Like, ever. BUT, I do know what it’s like to see something and have that flutter in your heart picturing how lovely it would look in your home, and I want to help.

I scoured the internet everywhere I could think of, and have narrowed down ONLY my toppest top favorite Christmas Tree Skirts that, fortunately, are well stocked and available right now. So let’s meet em’!

Just click on any picture to be directed to the link for more images and details!

Aren’t they fun! I see a bit of myself in every single one of these. Having style mutt taste sure broadens your options! Hah! Quick run-through:

1 - Don’t EVER discount Walmart
2 - This is one I actually got to collaborate on! Angie, the creator, was inspired by my rug skirt that she now PRINTS vintage rug patterns on velvet. Amazing what you can print!!!
3 - For the minimalists. Natural canvas and a wink of leather - so yummy.
4 - I actually passed over a ton of mudcloth tree skirt options until I got to this one. The Citizenry got it right when they lined up the pattern so precisely. I’m smitten.
5 - Can’t go wrong with ivory pom-poms!
6 - Do you know what I see here? A solid DIY project. You got this!
7 - I feel like I need to defend this choice but I’ve got nothing. It’s just precious and different.
8 - Absolutely love the simple stripes!
9 - So many dyed indigo options but I wasn’t feelin’ any of them until I came across this pattern. The leather doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re here because you’re in the market for a tree skirt I hope you’ve been inspired by something! And if not? You can always cut up a rug ;)

Thank you so much for coming by!