Design Reveal: Charming Living Room in Alexandria

I told my family I was only going to be at this newly completed client home for an hour - hour and a half tops! It was relatively close in nearby Alexandria, and just a small living room. But as it goes, I just had the most fun getting to talk to my sweet client, Annie, in person for the first time since we started working together a few months ago! Five hours later, I did eventually get home. ;)

As we have proven here over and over again, remote interior design, (aka eDesign), is every bit as personal as in-person. We communicate very closely with each and every client regarding every decision on the space. And even though we develop a unique and individualized communication flow with each person, the months of FaceTiming, texting, calling and emailing always come to the same end result: a space that person truly feels is theirs and lucky to call home. As people who love people, this line of work is right up our alley! We adore getting to connect with others and put our heads together to create the very best home that suits their style and needs.

Today’s reveal is really fun because Annie’s style is very eclectic and she had the COOLEST stuff to start with! She has spent time immersed in so many cultures around the world, her collection of artifacts and photography is seriously impressive. So fun for a designer to play with! Want to see what the space started out as?


Lots of stuff going on here, but also some really cool stuff. Our aim was to highlight the beautiful pieces Annie already had, add pieces that complimented those, and find a visually pleasing, inexpensive way to hide the rest! Take a look!


One of our design concepts sent along the way. We had yet to decide on the coffee table and exact pillow placement, but that’s what a concept is - a check on the visual feel of the space. These are meant to help us know if we are heading in the right direction and what adjustments, if any, we need to make moving forward!


Before you say anything I am fully aware that this is maybe the 4th or 5th time we used the IKEA Ivar cabinets. But you guys, at $70/unit, completely customizable, and only 12” deep, these babies are a small space small budget best friend. Not to mention ideal hidden storage for a small apartment with (almost) no closets. We hiked these Ivars up on black stainless steel legs which set them at a much more versatile height, and gave them a much needed layer of visual interest for this small space.


Big fan of this chair in this space! It’s modern but rustic enough to pair well with the English roll arm sofa.


This home wears the glow of Summer well. I may have to book some time here come February!


That’s a wrap! Happy to say we are already locked in to work with Annie on her bedroom next! But before we start on any new projects I’ve got a few more weeks of Summer to maximize with the kids. Taking this season off has resulted in the best time with my kids. I love this age so much and have thoroughly soaked in this time together practically distraction free.

I hope you all enjoy these last weeks of Summer and amidst whatever your responsibilities are can find moments of joy and rest. Thank you so much for taking the time to come by today!


Sleek Bedside Lighting Ideas

Over our 5 years of design experience it’s become apparent that most peeps prefer bedside lighting that does not take up bedside table space. It’s a design trend, for sure, to use sleeker lighting rather than visually heavier table lamps. We actually quite enjoy using both in our design projects, but since the preference for more modern wall mounted lighting isn’t gong anywhere anytime soon we thought it would be fun to take a look at a variety of options!

Now, wall mounted lighting does not mean hardwired! Our clients who rent often express concern that they can’t use sconces since they can’t hardwire. Have no fear! All of our options are renter friendly plug-ins!

Here’s a look at a few different takes on bedside lighting that we have implemented into our designs over recent years:

Double Wall Mounted Plug-In Sconces

A tried and true classic, mounting a sconce on either side of the bed is never a bad choice. With so many style options that range from traditional to contemporary, it’s easy to see why this option is the most popular!

Source:  Shades of Light
Source:  LampsPlus

Source: LampsPlus


Ceiling Hung Plug-In Pendants

Ironically, we have only used this form of bedside lighting in front of a brick wall; there’s something about ceiling hung lighting that feels industrial and just compliments the brick, but you could totally do this on a regular wall. What we like about ceiling hung pendants is that they add some height to a space that typically all flows at one height, (bed, bedside tables, dressers - there’s very little deviation in furniture height).


*Just want to point out that the Seagrass Light Pendant’s above, (from Urban Outfitters), are our least expensive bedside light of the group - only $29!

Source:  World Market

Source: World Market


Single Wall Mounted Plug-In Sconce

Only recommended for couples who have never, ever, ever had a single disagreement in their entire relationship. Hah! So not ideal for couples in the long run. But an affordable option for a grown-up space, or if you’re putting together a short-stay rental, as we did in these bedrooms below.

Source:  CB2

Source: CB2

If you’ve been on the fence about wall-mounted lighting we hope this helped broaden your scope of what’s out there! If you’re not sure what makes the best sense for your own space, please don’t hesitate to reach out to! Happy to source lighting for a single room or full floor for a small fee.

Thank you so much for stopping by!