Reader Design: Amira's Boho Home

At 550 square feet, Amira's Washington, DC space packs a serious punch with a seemingly small footprint. When you enter the door, it's not the decor that captures you, or the finishes, or furniture. 

It's a feeling

Amira set out to create an interesting space, one that accurately reflects her own global third culture kid upbringing in Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and New England and one that is warm, collected, and beautifully curated. 

From Amira:

The most inviting homes, and humans, are sanctuaries that make us feel, and inspire us to be, our best selves. I love the Danish concept of hygge because its definition embodies the positive impact that environments can have on our well-being.

Things weren't always as curated as they clearly now are. When Amira moved across the world from Abu Dhabi six years ago, she defaulted to the same thing maybe of us do: the easy thing. She loaded up with items from big box retailers and called it a day. That all changed once she bought the home she lovingly refers to as the "treehouse."

I wanted to create a space that couldn’t be defined as anything but a place people wanted to spend time. Homes are personal - and, while I’m so inspired by many interior designers and the trends they embue, I was selective and patient in the process.

Making my home a delightful experience for my guests is a priority. Taking my time has allowed me to decorate with pieces that have stories I can share with guests, either because they’re made by artists I know personally or found on a memorable trip… or that I found at a neighborhood store where I’ve built relationships with the shopkeepers. Supporting local businesses and budding artists and makers has a huge influence on what I buy.

And so the collecting began. If you mutts have the same observations as me, you'll see that two elements in particular tie Amira's home together: #1 everything comfy & cozy (blankets, poufs, and pillows) and #2 PLANTS. 

Let’s be honest. I love everything in my home, but Dolly’s the real star. She’s the graceful fiddle leaf fig tree you see in the photos. I brought her home before I had any furniture, so she’s been a faithful presence and has inspired my love of plants. I named her after my favorite florist Dolores, who found her for me.
AEGforSMHTour - 18.jpg

Other homeowner favorites: the mantle she created with found materials from a Leesburg, VA treasure trove; the round hallway mirror which she ran into traffic for at the Georgetown Flea Market; and the bright light of the dining nook.  

It is all just so exactly right. Amira, we're giving you a big StyleMutt thumbs up and totally commend you for focusing on comfort and individuality with your space. We're hooked. 

Follow Amira along in Instagram @amiraelgawly for more.

And on a personal note, thank you to the SMH community for the kind thoughts and well wishes this week for my engagement. What a wonderful group this is! 

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Quick Flip of a Roadside Find

It was a warm, muggy day and I was walking out of the twins' elementary school with Mason and some neighbor friends who we had joined to help out with field day. My friend Alecia, with her belly about to pop with her baby girl, had locked her keys in her car. So, we all hopped in our van, drove to their house where she got the spare key, then we dropped her off at her car. It was then that I realized a few driveways up from her car was some sort of wooden object. Always worth checking out! So I pulled up and found this guy!

This piece was almost cool. The unique size, (almost square like), and tapered legs made it worth loading up to bring home for further inspection. It's not all solid wood, most surfaces were scratched up, and the back is some sort of cheap composite piece. But my biggest strike against the piece were the adjustable shelves. I'm a huge fan of adjustable shelves when they're hidden behind cabinet doors, but seeing the multiple holes drilled into the sides and those small metal bracket thingys made this particular piece look cheap. But, like I said; it was almost cool! Close enough, at least, to give it a go.

When it comes to mid-century modern furniture I always try to maintain the time period of the piece, and two-tone, (or white and wood), is a classic look that has withstood the test of time. I filled in the holes on the sides where the adjustable shelf options were and then made some simple wooden brackets to set the fresh white shelves on. Other than the wood brackets and the tapered legs, I painted the piece white.

I've always loved how items pop on white shelves! (Check out Cate's dining room campaign style shelves to see what I mean!)

Fuzzy kiwis. Adorable.

Petite MCM Bookshelf Now Available to DC Locals
43"H x 36"W x 12"D

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