Abstract Painted Ornaments, || a DIY by CSM

On every Christmas tree we had before the babes came along I liked to fill in around our small collection of ornaments with those red and gold glass balls. They're so classic and I love their vintagey look. We've decided to keep the glass balls boxed up the last 6 years because we truly want those kids to enjoy the tree as much as they can - Get up close, touch it, get pricked, watch the needles scatter across the floor. You know, the full experience. ;)

Anyways, I didn't even KNOW they sell non-breakable balls! But they're out there. When I found a box of gold ones for $1 at Dollar Tree, I grabbed it and a few tubes of acrylic paint. Then I told our kids, Colin, Shire and Mason, to have fun!!

These balls are now the bomb-diggity! I ADORE how the kids painted them! They're just perfect for our casual style and such a fun whimsical touch.

Our tree, Paul Pheiffer

Not an expensive or time consuming project, but certainly one that will be long lasting, (non-breakable), and meaningful for years to come. If you missed the full Christmas home tour you can check it out here!

I've done a few other DIY ornaments over the last few years if you'd like something different to try:

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