Reader Design: Lauren's New Build Nest

Lauren's home may only be 18 months old, but it's filled with a sense of warmth and character that can only be attributed to Lauren's eye for design. The home was built on Napoleon, Indiana soil that grew corn and beans for harvest, and those same down-to-earth roots can be felt throughout this home. 

From Lauren:

I love to create and recently found this passion for interior design through creating our spaces here in this new home. My husband and I both grew up here in Indiana, so even though there are many different style running throughout our home, we try to keep the bones of our home as the farmhouse we intended it to be, making this house our home!

This home is where Lauren and her husband are raising their three boys, so this home is playing the most important role there is. The oldest just moved into his own room - there are exciting things happening in this household!

Her favorite piece is in the dining room: the geometric Ikea statement rug. Lauren has moved it around her home a few times before finding the perfect spot! 


Lauren describes her style as 'farmhouse eclectic,' with a heavy emphasis on wood, black, and white. It's modern, with bohemian elements, 

I always try to create calm and peaceful spaces in our home. It’s important to me to have spaces for everyone and give my boys places they can thrive in.

She doesn't get caught up in fads, like shiplap (despite her love and admiration of Joanna Gaines), and feels confident sticking to what she knows. As you should, Lauren... as you should. 

That said, if you put something with stripes in front of her - ANYTHING with stripes - she'll probably bring it home. Vases, textiles, rugs... you name it. It's one pattern Lauren can't get enough of, but thank goodness that stripes are totally timeless. 

(Take a look at that dining room rug again. Stripes, of course)

This is a gorgeous family home that's ready and able to grow an awesome family inside it's walls. Lauren, hats off to a job well done. Thank you for showing us around!

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See you next week,