Reader Design: Chrisi's Warm & Welcoming Home

Let's go to Utah, friends! We're off to see a mutt today who is truly one of our home. Chrisi is a wife and mother of five who has crafted a home that's perfectly warm and welcoming but impossible to identify with one particular style. 

Ready? Let's go!

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From Chrisi:

I would definitely say that my “style” isn’t easily defined. I am more of a “mutt” when it comes to zoning in on my preferred style. I am all across the board. I try and use all the elements of all different styles that I love and tie them all together. I dabble in modern, traditional, farmhouse, and boho. If i had to define my style it would be eclectic. I love how an eclectic space doesn’t have to be one thing from room to room but more of a tapestry of different tastes all sewn together.

Despite pulling from various styles, Chrisi keys her eye on the prize: paying homeage to the heritage of this home, reinvigorating it with life and color, and making this place the perfect home for her family. 

One of the rooms that underwent the biggest makeover was the kitchen, but it's also Chrisi's favorite room - and is a place she would decide to splurge on over and over again!

I would say that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home and, more importantly, it has the most wear and tear! It is also one of those things that you will always see return on investment on. We dumped the bulk of our money into the kitchen. We spent quite a bit of money having a 900 lb. 26 foot long steel beam put in to open up the space and no part of me regrets that. We had an IKEA kitchen installed (which I will always love until the day I die) but had custom cabinet faces made from Semi-hand made. Ikea didn’t have any cabinet faces that we loved so of course we spent the extra money to get EXACTLY what we wanted which ended up being a navy island and the rest of the cabinetry is white! I think its more important to put money into the kitchen that you want then just putting together a sub par space for the heart of your home.

All that intention helps to create a space that feels about right and authentic for the people who live in it.

I am a mother of five children and a wife which means that the MOST important overall “feel” for the house that I was trying to accomplish is warmth. I would say that having a unique design and staging a home beautifully will only take you so far but its the overall feeling of “warmth” that really turns a “house” into a home. More than that though, when I designed the home I tried to incorporate space that was defined only by the furniture. I wanted one open floorpan that flowed easily from space to space. This was especially important for us because our home was so small to begin with. We had to try to utilize as much square footage as possible.

Chrisi, thanks for bringing us in to share your space, if only on the internet. Follow Chrisi along on Instagram @hellohammer.

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