Dresser turned Quaint Entertainment Center

If you are here to see a dresser transformed into an entertainment center, please see this post with a much better transformation!!! The one below is the first one I ever tried and not the quality I expect from myself and my business these days. On that note, please enjoy my first ever try  at using a dresser as an entertainment center. Boy, have I come a long way since this post! :)

Here's the deal: I promised the big reveal today, and it is HERE, but after I promised you I would show you today, Husband informed me that we are getting a brand spankin' new tv which will arrive this weekend. So, I am still showing you our dresser turned entertainment center today, but I might snap a few pics once the new tv is on and the whole thing looks nice and sleek all together. This might be the last 27" box tv to leave someone's home. Anyone else have a box tv out there? Anyone? Anyone?

Well anyway, here is what I picked up a few weeks ago at my trusty Goodwill:

We immediately removed the top drawer and 'defaced' it so we could still use the inside of the drawer to keep the media boxes. We also had to replace the hardware on the two lower drawers because one handle was broken. *Tip* - if you want to replace hardware for a quick makeover on any piece and you need to fill in old holes, use this:
Hardening Plastic Wood, (I like the brand Dap)

NOT this: Non-hardening Wood Puddy

The wood puddy leaves a little 'bubble' where the hole used to be, no matter how much you sand. Since it's non hardening it's very difficult to seal the hole. You want to apply a liberal amount of hardening plastic wood, wait for it to harden and then sand it down really smooth. You don't just want to sand over your filled in holes, but the entire drawer/door so you really get an even finish.
(photo before sanding)

After the sanding, painting several coats of 'Bayou', (a beautiful, neutral muddy-green), sealing with water-based Polycrylic clear gloss spray on sealer, and adding on the new hardware, this piece was ready to come inside!

The hardware was free! We will be redoing our kitchen soon, (which I will track on here), and I have already removed some of our cabinet doors. We just took the knobs from four cabinets and added them onto the drawers of the dresser.
Previously on the cabinets:

Rotated, now on the dresser:

And here are some pictures of the basement, in case you were curious:

I'm very excited to have the room looking a bit more complete with this 'new' set up for media stuff. I am always looking for dressers about this size as they are so versatile! I'm sure I'll have more posts about dresser transformations coming soon :)

Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for visiting!