Painted Gift Wrap

I know I said we would have a big reveal today, but it looks like it will be one more day until we can move it inside and give it a proper welcome with my camera. So today I'm just going to chat about gift wrap! I don't think of myself as crafty, but I do like to get creative now and then especially when it saves me some money. My girl Shire and I are heading up north for a bridal shower this weekend and we had fun finding a gift yesterday. I was about to drop nearly $10 on some beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon, but decided to pocket my cash and see what we had at home.

If you're like me, you have a rather large stash, probably several years old, of wrapping paper. We're talking baby girl shower paper, baby boy shower paper, birthday girl paper, birthday boy paper, and don't even get me started on how many rolls of old Christmas paper I have. Ridiculous! However, aesthetics are everything to me which is why it's difficult to pass up beautiful gift wrap. You could give me some old shoelaces but if they are wrapped beautifully I couldn't care less. So, when I got home yesterday and saw that I had nothing appropriate for a bridal shower, I pulled out a roll that was solid white on the other side and a few more supplies that I have stashed from previous projects:

Stencils, acrylic paint, paint markers, heart cookie cutter, and twine

I wrapped the gift in the white side of the orange polkadot gift wrap, then started making some hearts in purple, the brides main wedding color, using the cookie cutter and the purple paint marker.

Then I used the acrylic paint and stensils to add some more design around the hearts, wrapped the pretty package with twine and voila! Custom made gift wrap!

I realize some of my supplies aren't normal things to just 'have around', but they're inexpensive investments that will pay for themselves when you don't have to purchase gift wrap anymore! (For Christmas gift wrap this year I may just use my Christmas cookie cutters of a snowman, angel, star, Christmas tree and bell!)

Tomorrow, I promise, we'll have a fun reveal :) Thanks for reading!