Featured Piece - Cream and White Coffee Table

Hello! Well I am floating on a cloud today after having a very positive meeting with a lovely woman who is interested in my work! She is an interior designer who co-owns an antique shop and has several connections with other antique shops in our area. She is very interested in getting my finished pieces into some of these shops as well as giving me raw pieces to refinish for the shops and various design jobs she has. She was just the sweetest woman and a connection I am very grateful to have!

She practically melted over this beautiful coffee table which happens to be one of my favorite transformations. Shame on me for not having a before picture, but it was all just natural wood and untouched brown wicker. I removed the inset glass and spray painted the wicker white and then brush painted the rest in cream. It was a lot of fun to distress as it is such a multi-dimensional piece!

38x38, 17.5H
(still available, email if interested!)

When I finished and stepped back it looked like something I might see in Pottery Barn. This one is a gem as it is a classic piece that you'll never again see anywhere else!

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be picking up a large farm table which I think might just be the perfect piece to try my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on! I will be sure to take before, during, and after photos of the transformation!

Thank you for stopping by and especially thank you to those who sent me some encouraging words before this morning's meeting! They meant so much to me :)