Heavy Hauler

Much to the dismay of Husband, I will move pretty much anything with my own two hands. If I can so much as inch a piece along, I will do so as far as necessary! Today was about getting a big ol' farm table from my van to the Garage, (TWO very LARGE men loaded it into the van for me). For a little visual, I'm 5'2" and this table is about as heavy as I am. It took every ounce of strength, but I finally got it in a good spot to get working. It needed a little construction just in attaching the legs and getting them nice and tight. The leaf was a little tricky but Husband helped me right it and set the whole thing upright this evening. Tomorrow I'll be painting!

Turned over without legs. I pulled 19 staples from the underside of the tabletop that were unnecessary and added a few more screws to help keep the legs on.

This thing felt like an extension of my arm today!

Legs on and ready to be flipped back over.

Enjoying some nice weather and good beats from the Bose before stepping inside....because I know when I do there will be 3 little ones awake from their naps and ready to play! :)