So long, Fair Desk

Hello! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. My weekend started bittersweet as I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite pieces. I'm learning that furniture refinishing is a tough business!! It's a daily practice to put a lot of myself into each piece - I pick the color, distress it where I want...each piece is a reflection of my personal taste and style, (unless someone drops a piece off with a specific color and finish in mind). Then, as if I'm not attached enough I bring each piece inside and stage it to make it look like part of our decor for a little photo shoot. I'll admit, sometimes I let pieces stay in our home for a little while if I really like it. This just makes it that much harder to sell! Luckilly, old furniture will ALWAYS be available for refinishing. There are few guarantees in life, but this thing I know to be true.

For the most part I really, REALLY enjoy distressing and bringing some age out of a piece. This desk and chair, however, I just couldn't bring myself within 10 feet of with sandpaper! I couldn't do it. As soon as I finished the final coat of thick, creamy, almond colored paint, I coulnd't do another thing to them! They looked so pretty. I find a lot of beauty out of distressing most pieces, but once in a blue moon there will be one that just looks so perfect with clean, smooth lines; so polished and pristine. This matching desk and chair were among those rare pieces.

Knobs from Anthropologie

Seat cushion refinished in a soft burlap. When people ask if I reuhpolster, I tell them I'm quite handy with my staple gun...but that's about it. There are some jobs that require little more than a good staple gun and pretty fabric.

It was a sad farewell as I really enjoyed working on this pair and quite love how they turned out. But, they are going in a sweet little 8yr old girls room. I couldn't think of a better place. :)

Ongoing job this week: finishing the farm table I started last week. I have painted 2 coats of chalk paint, 1 coat clear wax, distressed, second coat of clear wax, and tomorrow I will apply dark wax. This transformation is above and beyond my favorite thus far so I can't wait to show you very soon!!