Recycling Baby's Breath

Hello! It's been 9 days since Valentine's Day and if you happened to get flowers they might be on their last leg soon. Don't fret, you can still use your Baby's Breath in a few pretty ways around your home!

1. Cut a bunch short and fill up a plain mug. This would be cute in a guest bedroom, bathroom, end table or the kitchen! I like mine in the kitchen - I don't have much space for flowers, but a small mug of Baby's Breath is still nice to look at :)

2. Fill a tiny vase nice and full and add it to a group of other decorative items, or on top of a stack of books, (I use old baby food jars with a hold punctured through the lid).

3. Fill a bunch of tiny vases with just one branch or so of Baby's Breath and group them together. In this example I have them surrounding a large hurricane candle vase as our dining table centerpiece.

An old picture of my girl, Shire, checking out Momma's handiwork.

I hope this helps you enjoy your flowers a bit longer! Do you have any cool ideas of how to 'stretch' a bouquet?

I finished painting the farm table today! My first go with chalk paint :) Tomorrow I'll be adding a couple layers of wax and distressing. I can't wait to show you! Thank you for stopping by!