Color Combo du jour

When you were little do you remember being asked your favorite color over and over? It seems to be a popular 'go-to' question for adults to ask kids. My 2 year old twins are often being asked this and they typically respond with the color they know how to say the best: yellow. I don't know if it's because they have had some crazy force of influence on their Momma, but it seems ironic to me that it's all of a sudden one of my favorite colors now, too! Well, yellow WITH gray. I've never had a strong single favorite color, but certain color combinations have had me totally smitten. Right now, I just cannot get enough of yellow and gray together. Look how spectacular this pairing looks in these inspiring rooms!

When looking through these rooms the yellow is so warm and inviting while the gray brings in a sense of elegance. I love that! This new love affair with yellow and gray had me giddy when my Mom dropped off a little scalloped end table with a natural dark wood top and sunny yellow legs! There was not a second of thought about what to do with it; I knew exactly how to refinish this little prize.

 I painted over the legs in white and then heavily distressed them to let the sunny color pop through.

(19.5 diameter x 27h - available for sale)

So, what do you think of this color combo? What color pairings typically catch your eye?