Sweet 'Whatever' Chair

Hi! Today I just finished up an adorable little chair that I found late last week. I love plain wooden chairs like this. They're usually as sturdy as can be and so much fun to refinish. Plus, you can stick them absolutely anywhere! I had a similar chair when I was young that I used at my desk for homework. I always loved the old, worn look. It was well loved and well used! I've been looking for just the right chair to recreate my childhood desk chair, and I think I found a winner with this cutie. I even tried to find the same light aqua color!
Here's a shot before any work was done:

And after a couple coats of light aqua and some heavy distressing with 220 grit sandpaper:

(32.5H x 17.5W x 16.75D)
~avalable for sale~

I can see this chair having many jobs: 1) In a bedroom to cozy up an empty corner, maybe drape a throw blanket across it for quick convenience when it's chilly, 2) Placed in an entryway as a spot to sit and get your shoes on and off, 3) In a bathroom as a surface to place clean, folded towels for guests, 4) Extra seating at the dining table when hosting a large crowd, 5) At a small desk in a shabby room where a kid can sit and get their homework done ;) 6) Wherever your heart desires!

Where would you place this chair?