My First Auction

Hello! It has been an extremely busy week here at Chelsea's Garage! I have been lining up appointments with people interested in seeing pieces, working on a cute dresser with a fun surprise that I can't wait to show you soon, trying to figure out how I can possibly ship furniture since I have had several requests, AND went to my first auction!
Check this auctioneer out, (sorry,there's not much to see! I took the video just to show you what he sounds like. He sure can roll!)

Luckilly, I was there for several hours before he even got to furniture so I had plenty of time to get the hang of bidding and getting in the game! After 3 hours there I drove away with a sturdy oak dining table, one side table, a wooden stool, and a wooden chair. Not too shabby!

Here's my loot right after we unloaded it into the Garage:

Well, I've certainly got my work cut out for me! Reminder that Chelsea's Garage is having an on-site sale on Saturday, March 31, 10am-4pm. A lot of fresh pieces will be debuting right in time for Spring. Invite some friends and come on over! (contact if you need address/directions).